Acoustical Installation for Commercial Spaces

Call Centers

Background clatter can be a nuisance to those who are on the receiving end of a telesales call. For a business that depends on minimal disturbance and clarity of conversation to customers, a terrible acoustic environment is not exactly ideal for a call center. That’s where acoustical treatments come in – to reduce unnecessary background noise and get the right amount of ambient noise for speech intelligibility and privacy. By outfitting your call center with acoustical treatments, you will be improving the overall quality of every call, which can then lead to a higher satisfaction with your customers and employees.

Conference Rooms

Conference rooms are places where anything from discreet discussions to critical business decisions are made, so outfitting them with good acoustics is necessary for effective collaboration, clearer communication, and better concentration. Other than that, privacy is essential when it comes to business conferences, making maximum acoustic privacy a necessity to avoid conversations from being overheard by other employees.

Event Venues & Recreation

Event venues are facilities that are designed to accommodate a large number of guests at a given time, along with musical entertainment. Because excessive sound reverberation and large volume are two given occurrences on event venues, it’s important to install acoustical treatments on the walls, ceilings, and floors in order to avoid poor music clarity and bad speech intelligibility. The key thing to remember about facilities like event venues is that their ideal reverberation time is about 1.25 to 1.5 seconds, which depends on room volume, and you can achieve this by adding the necessary acoustic treatments.


When it comes to office productivity, providing your workers with a happy and healthy workplace is a good way to guarantee it. While noise in general is pretty much unavoidable in busy, open offices, you can effectively reduce it to a non-bothersome level while improving speech intelligibility by outfitting your workplaces with proper acoustical treatments. This also applies to private offices, where the usual occupants are doctors or lawyers who require total privacy, because a quiet and peaceful atmosphere is essential for them to be able to perform their jobs to the highest level.


Generally, retail spaces are not designed with the right amount of sound control capabilities for soundproofing, as their assemblies are usually designed for fire separation. Because of that, additional treatments are needed for retail spaces if you don’t want to disturb your neighbors and rack up complaints.

Pet Care Facilities

It’s essential for pet care facilities to have a quiet and peaceful environment for all of its occupants, as the animals are more calm and easy to control in this kind of setting, and the staff will only have to deal with less noise fatigue and enables them to provide the best possible care for their furry patients. In order to achieve the ideal environment for both the animals and pet care staff, you should use sound control wall panels and ceiling baffles that are coated with a PVC protective coating over the acoustic fill.